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Dr. Prosser: 562-429-8812

Jared L. Piety, MD

Jared Piety is one of the last of the Physicians known as a General Practitioner, aka Family Physician. Originally from Oklahoma, he attended the University of Kansas, first as a Chemical Engineer, then continued on to Medical School. The University of Kansas trains its graduates to be the "only" physician in a smaller farming town, thus the training in internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, minor surgery, and acute medicine were emphasized, with travel being 125-200 miles to additional consultants or large hospitals.

When internship was completed, Vietnam was the next stop as a MASH unit commander for the 1st infantry division. This MASH unit became a superior acute trauma and resuscitation unit at the front lines. As a volunteer to ride the Medivac Helicopters to be on the front lines, acute life threatening injuries were very much a part of his responsibilities. Additional responsibilities included traveling to "enemy territories" to sponsor clinics in small towns. Four Bronze Star Medals for meritorious achievement were awarded during the tour.

Upon returning to Long Beach, he worked for two years downtown in General and Acute Industrial medicine before moving to his current location in Long Beach.

Medical experiences have been quite varied, resulting in skills not usually found in General or Family Practice. Diagnostic and acute medical skills were further advanced after the MASH experience while working as the Wednesday and Saturday night Emergency Room Physician at Long Beach Memorial Hospital for 4 years.

Community services have always played an important role as well as working with today's youth. 15 years were spent as a Team Physician, 7 years with Huntington Beach High School and 8 years with Pacifica High School in Garden Grove. His skills in Sports Medicine have continued to advance, as today he continues in assisting several Orthopedic Surgeons with surgeries on a weekly basis.

Further civic and service accomplishments include the Utilization Director of numerous Skilled Nursing Facilities in Long Beach. The positions change from time to time as with new owners of the facilities.

Jared Piety is committed to practicing medicine as we were familiar with in the "old days". He will personally respond to phone calls in case of emergencies. ( 24-7-365). This may sound "extensive" but with the availability of pagers and cell phones today, it works! It is important to know and understand the needs of patients, not only to provide a more concise relationship, but to also maintain "personalized service and care" when you need it. This can certainly outweigh a visit to an "on call" physician and having to start from "day one" with your medical history.

"House calls" on his elderly and partially disabled patients are also provided. One of his hobbies include motorcycles as well, so it is not unusual to see this family physician outfitted with a helmet and 2 wheels on occasion.

John Prosser, MD

Hi, I’m John Prosser. Although born in New York, my family moved to Northern California when I was very young, thus I consider myself a native Californian. I have taken advantage of California’s weather becoming interested in several sports as a young man and continued with them after becoming a physician.

I am an avid water sports enthusiast with a keen interest in water skiing. I have a cabin in Big Bear and continue to boat on the lake. I have a passion for snow skiing and have been on the Ski Patrol in Big Bear for more than 20 years. I continue to be on the Ski Patrol at this time, but now only on the weekend.

I take an interest in football as most males do, and I am the team physician for the Millican High School Football Rams, providing their sports physical examinations and attend the football games, giving medical attention to any injuries. I also perform the Pop Warner sports physical examinations for the younger athletes.

After attending Medical School in Guadalajara Mexico where I had to speak Spanish, I did my residency in Family Practice at Memorial Hospital Long Beach, which is affiliated with UCI. I have continued with the University as an associate professor teaching medical students and residents in the family practice program.

With my sports and team physician background, I have first hand interest and experience with sports medicine. My participation in sports creates even greater awareness of the extent and mechanism of injury than the average non-sport physician in family practice.

Other than skiing, my other hobby is music. I have a band in which I play the base both electric guitar and stand up. The name of our band is “ON CALL”. I guess I got the name from being ‘on call’ in medicine. We play some modern songs, but most of our music is known as good old “rock & roll”. The band has recently cut a CD that was released in late October.

I was in private practice from 1980, and then I joined Memorial Health Care Partners. In 1998 I joined Dr. Jared Piety and Spring Family Medical Group. The two of us provide a special service in that both of us are available every day, and any patient has the choice to see either physician, depending on the schedule. We also handle our practices individually, meaning that I take calls for my patients, and Dr. Piety does the same for his patients. By providing this service, our patients talk to “their” Doctor in case of an emergency, instead of an “on call” physician, who may not know or be familiar with the patient or his/her illnesses. I hope that I (we) can be of service to you.